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Activities w/c Monday 20th May-Monday-World Bee Day. Year 5 swimming all week. Thursday-Year 2 Medieval Day. Reception Art Exhibition. Friday-FoB Preloved Uniform Sale. School to finish at usual times for 2 weeks half term break. Back to school on Monday 10th June.

Our vision and values

At Beaufort, we all share a vision and set of common values and we work together to create a rights respecting, nurturing environment in which pupils can thrive. The vision below has been used to shape our ethos and practice over the last few years, with the whole school community embracing the changes.

Our Vision…

At Beaufort, we seek to inspire, motivate and nurture our school community to aspire, believe and achieve.
By working effectively in partnership with parents, we support the whole child with a focus on their mental health and emotional wellbeing, in a safe environment, providing a positive foundation to foster a lifelong love of learning.
We provide each child with opportunities to embrace challenges through an exciting, creative and personalised curriculum, supporting them on their individual learning journey.
By striving for excellence, we instil in our children aspirations to be outstanding achievers and successful, global citizens.

At the heart of our school logo lies the symbol of the Koru. Originating from the Maori, New Zealand’s indigenous population, the Koru symbol illustrates a fern frond, before it has unfurled.

The Koru symbolises the unfurling of new beginnings, ideas, development and opportunities, bringing with it aspirations and endless possibility. It also symbolises new life, growth, strength, peace and nurturing. Together with our motto, “Believe and Achieve” we believe this to be the perfect symbol for our school.

Our Values…

We also spent time deciding, as a school community (pupils, parents, staff and governors), which values we wanted to emphasise and focus on. These values have shaped our practice as a school and are at the heart of all we do. They form the core of our behaviour policy, our curriculum, our assemblies and our day to day practice within the school community.

We also promote other British Values, along with our work to prevent radicalisation and extremism. Ofsted found that, “The school’s own ethos and practice promote British values and pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.” (November 2016)  Please click on the document below for more details of our work in this area:.


We have now achieved Silver Status on our journey to becoming a ‘Rights Respecting School’, which fits beautifully into our cohesive, compassionate community, in which children can develop relationship skills, emotional literacy, health and wellbeing.

Ofsted found that, “Pupils feel valued and are very aware of their own rights within the school and beyond….Parents categorically believe that their children are well cared for, safe and respected.” (November 2016)