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Activities w/c Monday 10th June-Year 6 swimming all week. Wednesday-Year 2 to British Wildlife Centre. Friday-Year 3 sleepover.


Since 2013 the Government has provided additional funding to improve the provision of PE and sport in primary schools. The money is ring-fenced and schools are held to account for how they spend it. We have therefore included details about our most recent spending for your information.  Funding for schools is calculated by reference to the number of primary-aged pupils in the school. In 2023-24, we were awarded approximately £19,780.

How we use the Sports Premium

Development through Sports Premium fundingImpact
Investment in the future through staff training.Improved knowledge and understanding of the PE curriculum and further development of staff skills for teaching PE.
Employment of specialist sports coaches for PE lessons and lunchtime activities.Further development of staff skills for teaching PE as they work alongside coaches. Children’s motivation, participation and expertise grow.
Funding for fees and equipment for after-school clubs.Increased participation in after-school clubs by disadvantaged children.
Continuous monitoring, replenishment and updating of sports equipment to support teaching and learning in PE.Children have access to a range of quality equipment to develop their abilities and skills in PE.
Investment in playground and sports markings.Better facilities mean more children participate and improve their skills, knowledge and enjoyment.
WASPS (Woking Area Sports for Primary Schools) subscriptionChildren have a wide range of sporting opportunities in which they can participate.
Active Schools subscriptionStaff and children take advantage of expertise and ideas offered. Children grow the habit of moving more, to improve their wellbeing and to thrive as an active member of the community.
Provision of teacher release for continued CPD opportunities in PE.Up to date knowledge and understanding of the PE curriculum for all staff.
Working with staff to further develop their skills for planning and assessing PE. Further development of opportunities for staff to observe experienced members of staff and specialist coaches teaching PE.
Provision of transport to enable children to further access a range of sporting fixtures and events.Increased opportunities for children to take part in sporting fixtures and tournaments.
Continual Professional Development for PE Curriculum Leader and Sports Leader.Leaders have an up-to-date and accurate knowledge of the PE curriculum in order to disseminate best practice amongst the staff and develop sport across the school.

For further information about our use of the Sports Premium, please see the linked documents below.

2022-23 Evidencing the impact of Sports Premium