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Activities w/c Monday 20th May-Monday-World Bee Day. Year 5 swimming all week. Thursday-Year 2 Medieval Day. Reception Art Exhibition. Friday-FoB Preloved Uniform Sale. School to finish at usual times for 2 weeks half term break. Back to school on Monday 10th June.

Reward Schemes


At Beaufort Primary School, we recognise the power of praise and put a lot of effort into the acknowledgement of success. Our marking will include the identification of things each child has done well, as well as identifying areas for development. In addition, in-class reward schemes will vary between classes to suit the age and interests of the children, but may include:

  • Star of the Day
  • Star of the Week
  • Text home to parents
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold reward charts.
  • Taking home a prize item, such as a ‘Remarkable Rabbit’
  • Marbles or Pebbles in the jar
  • Reach for the Stars reward scheme
  • Road to the trophy reward scheme
  • Certificates and rewards
  • Stickers
  • First choice of monitor jobs.
  • Earning of ‘Golden Time’ (30 mins free choice on a Friday afternoon)

In addition, all children in the school participate in the following:


Children in the school are divided into Blue, Red, Green and Yellow teams. Siblings are in the same team. On Sports Day, we create colour teams which mix children from each year group in the school.  The Sports Day Trophy is awarded to the colour who collect the most points from the different events over the day.

Reading Rewards

All children at Beaufort are encouraged to read daily at home and to record this read in their Home-School Reading diary. We count up the number of days children have read on each week in order to reward these. Each significant number of reads results in a certificate and prize. The scheme works as follows:

50 reads – Rocket Reader – Certificate

100 reads – Star Reader – Certificate and wristband

200 reads – Cosmic Reader – Certificate and Pencil

350 reads – Shooting Star Reader – Certificate and Bookmark

500 reads – Super Star Reader – Certificate and Ruler

750 reads – Universal Reader – Certificate and Badge

1000 reads – Intergalactic Reader – Certificate and Book

Mathematics Rewards

Each child will have, at any time, a Mathematics Achievement Card, showing the number facts they are currently learning as part of their Family Learning. They are tested periodically by a Teaching Assistant and are rewarded when they have learned all the facts on their card. Children work through the following levels of difficulty at their own pace:









Inclusion in the Headteacher’s Honour Book

Children who exhibit good work or behaviour are sent to the Headteacher to share their accomplishment. The Headteacher will give them a ‘Headteacher Award’ sticker and will write their name and accomplishment into a special ‘Honour Book’. In the next Certificate Assembly, the child will proudly share their work or accomplishment with the rest of their cohort, thus inspiring and motivating others to succeed. A certificate is awarded to take home, so that parents may share in the success of their child.


We recognise the importance of rewarding all our families with good attendance, so present each child and their family a certificate at the end of each month if they have managed to achieve 95%+ (on target) attendance, or 100% attendance. Many of our families are proudly collecting these! For those families not reaching the target attendance, an information sheet is sent telling them what % the child has achieved that month.