History at Beaufort is stimulating and engaging. Children are inquisitive and ask questions about the past based on their historical knowledge, while teachers consistently challenge pupils to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions from the evidence available to them. Well planned learning objectives ensure that pupils are aware of what they are learning and why they are learning it.

Pupils’ sense of period is strengthened through constant exposure to artefacts and other primary sources of evidence. Teachers are enthusiastic and weave history throughout the curriculum, bringing the past to life with engaging first hand experiences. Strong links across the curriculum include English, ICT and PSHCE. Drama is also used as a vehicle to stimulate thinking, such as with the use of hot seating and role play. Teachers also plan creatively for a variety of-

    • Themed days
    • Visits to places of historical significance
  • Visits from people to give first-hand accounts (eg: the 20th Century)

History at Beaufort is vibrant: teachers are passionate and love to teach it and children love to study it.

History curriculum and progression document