Our Curriculum


“Since we can’t know what knowledge will be most needed in the future, it is senseless to try to teach it in advance. Instead, we should try to turn out people who love learning so much and learn so well that they will be able to learn whatever needs to be learned.”   

John Holt (1923 – 1985)


At Beaufort we constructed our own curriculum incorporating national requirements as part of our wider offering. Our curriculum is designed to address the needs of the whole child: the head (academic skills and knowledge), the heart (purpose and meaning, fun, engagement) and the hands (rich learning experiences and practical hands on experiences).

The Beaufort curriculum is based around 6 areas of teaching and learning which we believe will result in the children leading fulfilling and worthwhile lives as global citizens in the 21st century. The 6 foundation stones of our curriculum are:

-Basic skills


-Healthy minds and bodies

-Cultural capital

-Life skills

-Love of learning

Skills and knowledge are sequenced to ensure logical and age appropriate progression. The curriculum facilitates connections to be made within and across subjects and has been specifically worded to encourage deeper thinking.


The child is at the center of all we do at Beaufort. Flexible approaches to teaching are used to engage all learners through the head, heart and hands and to make learning memorable. We plan through a topic approach, taking into account the needs and interests of our children in order to make learning meaningful, memorable, relevant and enjoyable. Textbooks and teaching materials are carefully selected to enhance the learning and ensure ambitious learning objectives are met.

Teaching for mastery is a cornerstone for teaching at Beaufort; new content is learnt in depth and revisited in short blast sessions to ensure long term retention. We provide rich learning experiences for the children through visits, visitors, themed days and weeks, cultural experiences, outdoor learning and forest school. Subject leaders rigorously monitor the implementation of the curriculum to ensure the objectives are being achieved using a head, heart and hand approach, that knowledge and skills are being acquired and progress made.


Our curriculum, learning opportunities and teaching methodology mean that our children:

-achieve well against national benchmarks;

-are well-rounded individuals who are well-prepared for their future lives;

-love learning and working hard;

-solve problems, think creativity and effectively, using a range of strategies;

-are resilient, work collaboratively in a team and enjoy challenging themselves;

-know how to keep themselves healthy in both body and mind;

-communicate effectively with good social skills;

-are reflective, managing their feelings and showing empathy;

-aspire to great things and are willing to work to achieve them.

At Beaufort Primary School, we work hard to develop in our children a ‘Growth Mindset’. All children experience ‘challenge’ across all areas of the curriculum and are encouraged to persevere and take risks. Mistakes when we are learning are seen as a positive thing, which can be learned from. Children are taught to celebrate being ‘stuck’ or making mistakes as opportunities to help our brains to grow!

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”.

Sir Ken Robinson

More information about individual subjects and year groups can be found on the subject pages.

In addition the document below outlines some of the enrichment opportunities offered through and in addition to the curriculum.

Curriculum Enrichment Opportunities

British Values are also covered within the curriculum as well as in all other aspects of the school day, please click on the link below to find out more information about how we teach children about British Values.

British Values at Beaufort