School Council

School   Council   Meeting


January 2019

. Those present

Mollie Badgers, Rebecca Fawns, Amelia Puffins, Natalie Kingfishers, Imogen Robins, Madison Otters, Olivia Dormice, Nathaniel Tawny Owls, Brooke Bats , Ellie Barn Owls , Lola Field Mice , Mrs Harrison

.Feedback from classes

We all would like some more bright flowers in the big planters in the middle of the playground we will discuss it again in Spring. We also asked if we could have a Summer themed party with water, hoses and slides.

. Create a new plan for Adventure play

No-one brought their plans to the meeting and quite a few children reported that they didn’t have enough time in class with there friends to be able to achieve this. Everyone will complete this by our next meeting in February [February 28th]. Mrs Harrison is  to ask class teachers to allocate a short amount of class time in order for school council members to achieve this.

. Questions and points from Mrs Ferris

Mrs  Ferris suggested that on our Birthday we would be able to were Mufti on our Birthday and we said we would love to.

. Fundraising What and when

Mrs Harrison shared a letter that we received from Woking Hospice thanking us for our donation of £21.40 from the Nativity refreshments that the school council did in December. We raised just over £100!