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Activities w/c Monday 10th June-Year 6 swimming all week. Wednesday-Year 2 to British Wildlife Centre. Friday-Year 3 sleepover.

Governors of Beaufort Primary School

The Local Governing Committee regularly spend time reflecting on how they can continue to improve their practice to achieve their vision, which is as follows:

The Governors of Beaufort School have a positive impact, not just on the education of our children, but on their lives, making the ‘whole child’ their concern. They share the vision of the leadership team and work effectively in partnership with them, providing support and challenge, to move the school forward, thus improving its effectiveness. Governors monitor practice and work with leaders at all levels to ensure actions are well focused and resources provide best value for money. They contribute objective evidence to the school self-evaluation and steer the school through policy and the setting of strategic key priorities. 

Mr Rob ColeGovernor & Chair
Mr Craig HorsmanGovernor & Vice Chair
Mrs Emily FerrisHeadteacher
Miss Aneesa AliGovernor
Mr Thomas FrankumGovernor
Mrs Georgie Bruckshaw
Staff Governor
Ms Anh LyGovernor
Mr Teddy HowardParent Governor
Mrs Jemma MurrayParent Governor
Mrs Jacquie Bance de VasquezParent Governor

The local governing committee of the school represents staff, parents and a cross section of the local community. We comprise a variety of different personalities, experiences, lengths of service and interests that all contribute towards providing the right mix of skills that are critical in any local governing committee. Our role is to support and challenge the leadership team in the task of delivering the strategic objective to become an ‘outstanding’ school.

The local governing committee meets a minimum of twice a term; one meeting will have a focus around Children and Learning and the other meeting will be focused on Resources. In addition, at the beginning of the year, there is a business meeting and at the end of the year a strategic planning day. This structure was agreed in July 2019 and trialed through 2019/20 academic year. Following the trial the structure is now in place.

The content and detail of each focus is below:

Children and Learning

The aim of the Children and Learning focused meeting is to ensure that the needs of all children are met, both in terms of their academic and personal development.

This includes the strategic overview of all matters relating to the children’s academic (progress and attainment) and personal development. Governors will review the analysis of each year’s S.A.Ts results, compare performance against published targets at each Key Stage and agrees future targets. Governors will play a major part in the curriculum related issues within the School Improvement Plan. In addition, Governors will review and approve curriculum-based policies.


The aim of the Resources focused meeting is to ensure that all available resources are utilised to meet the needs of our children.

The Governors have responsibility for strategic oversight of the school’s finances, staffing issues and premises issues, including Health & Safety. The School Business Manager report to the Governors at every meeting on the current financial position of the school. Governors are involved in formulating and approving the draft budget and associated expenditure plans each year before they are presented to the Trustees. The annual staffing structure, which is developed to ensure that children’s needs are fully met is reviewed before it is approved by Trustees.

Get Involved

If you have any questions about the school local governing committee or would like to get involved, please contact the school office.

Academy Trustee Documents

Governor information, attendance and interests are detailed in the links below:

The Local Governing Body Structure 2021-22



Annual Accounts and Trustees Report including Best Value Statement

Annual accounts are now part of the SWAN Trust 
The governors are required to declare any interests annually on the form below.