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Activities w/c Monday 4th December. Wednesday-10.30am & 2pm Nursery Concert-Willow Hall. Thursday-Reception Nativity 2pm-Willow Hall. KS1 Nativity 2pm-Oak Hall. Friday-KS1 Nativity 9am-Oak Hall. Reception Nativity 10am-Willow Hall.

We take absence very seriously at Beaufort and will keep you informed monthly about your child’s attendance percentage. The attendance target for all children is 100%. To maintain good attendance, a child would need to have less than ten days of absence in any school year. This includes any days off sick, lateness and medical appointments.

In order to keep your child’s attendance as high as possible, you can:

  • make any medical appointments between or after these times, so that they do not miss registration;
  • send your child in to school if you are ‘not sure’ if they are ill. Rest assured that we will send them home if they are unwell in school;
  • ensure that you do not take any time off school for holidays or other days unless they are absolutely essential. Only essential days will be authorised and only then for children with high attendance.

Attendance Policy June 2020