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Activities w/c Monday 17th June-Monday-Class photographs. Reception 2024 Induction morning. Tuesday-Year 3 Feet First Training. Wednesday-Year 3 Feet First Training. Wednesday-Year 5 to High Ashurst for 3 days. Thursday-Year 3 local walk. Year 4 Circus Skills Workshop. Friday-Year 3 sleep over assembly 9am. International Day of Play.

Religious Education

Religious Education for the Beaufort child provokes challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life. It develops children’s knowledge and understanding of religion and religious traditions through hands on experiences and day trips connecting them to their local religious communities. At Beaufort children build on their sense of identity and belonging (as well as the values of the those around them). 

 Throughout their time at Beaufort, children will experience: 

  • Assemblies and workshops about different faiths at relevant times of the year. 
  • Regular exposure to a story telling experience of the bible. 
  • Trips to local places of worship within the community 
  • Inspiring lessons which allow children to explore ideas and answer questions in a safe environment. 
  • An opportunity to build on their knowledge and understanding as they progress through the school. 


RE curriculum by year group

RE Progression Map