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Activities week commencing-Monday 16th May. Year 6 swimming all week. Thursday 19th-Reception 2022 Induction Evening 5.30pm. Friday 20th-FoB Jubilee Afternoon Tea 3-4pm. School breaks up 3pm/3.15pm for half term.

MFL (French)

At Beaufort Primary School we have made the decision to focus on the teaching of French as a Modern Foreign Language. We have worked closely with George Abbot Secondary School, who have delivered staff training and supported us in the implementation of our curriculum. French is strongly linked with ICT and is interactive and engaging.

In Key Stage 1, French is explored through songs and stories. French is active and fun and the children are keen to participate through repetition and replication.

Key Stage 2 focus on oracy, literacy and intercultural understanding. Children progress through the year groups focusing on different topics and skills. Children can ask and answer topic related questions and eventually move on to conversational French. They are eventually able to express opinions with fluency, perform a short narrative and construct an email to exchange with other French pupils.

Children learn about the rich culture of France and other Francophonic countries. They compare daily routines and hobbies, looking at cultural similarities and differences. They also learn to challenge stereotypes and make links both between English and French culture and language.