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Activities w/c Monday 20th May-Monday-World Bee Day. Year 5 swimming all week. Thursday-Year 2 Medieval Day. Reception Art Exhibition. Friday-FoB Preloved Uniform Sale. School to finish at usual times for 2 weeks half term break. Back to school on Monday 10th June.

Learning for Life (PSHE)

Learning for Life is central to the education of all children at Beaufort Primary School and integrates with all aspects of life in the school. It follows the school values and is embedded within the teaching of all subjects. We teach this subject as an integral part of the whole curriculum and ethos; it is taught throughout our daily life here at Beaufort.  

Through the teaching of Learning for Life, our children are able to become emotionally literate, healthy, independent and responsible members of society. We develop the children’s self-esteem, teach them British Values and how society is organised and we give them experiences of democracy in school through the School Council. They learn about the rights and responsibilities of a child and learn the importance of being and right holder and duty bearer.  

Throughout their time at Beaufort, children have opportunities to become involved in: 

  • Charity fundraising. 
  • Organisation of school events and assemblies. 
  • Activities to promote community work. 
  • Effective circle times, discussions and independent activities. 
  • Learning first aid skills.