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Activities w/c Monday 26th September. Monday-Mini Marathon Week. Year 5 swimming all week. Online safety meeting 2.45pm. Tuesday-Online safety meeting 8.45am. Year 4 Bikeability. Wednesday-Year 4 Bikeability. Thursday-Year 4 Bikeability. Friday-Owls assembly 9am.


At Beaufort School, children are led to an understanding that Geography is about the world around us, its people, countries, oceans and even the ground under our feet; it short it encompasses everything.

Throughout their time with us, children are provided with a wide range of experiences which help them to develop an understanding of the importance of caring for the environment, making links to sustainability and sustainable living. Our children are aware of relevant topical world issues, such as natural disasters. They can speak knowledgeably about local and global issues which may affect their future, including global warming, and can suggest how they might make a difference.

By the end of Year 6, children have a sound understanding of aspects of both human and physical Geography. They are able to read a range of maps and to use co-ordinates. They have been given opportunities to explore maps of their immediate surrounding areas, but also to compare the area in which they live with contrasting areas e.g. seaside towns, towns built in mountain ranges, built-up inner cities etc.

Children at Beaufort are encouraged to think and ask questions about their world as it is now, as well as about the past and future.

The Geography curriculum at Beaufort develops in children a deeper understanding of where we live. They understand that they are part of Surrey, of England, Great Britain, Europe, the Northern Hemisphere and of the world. They have developed knowledge about their county and their place in the world. They have an understanding of their capital city, London.

Geography at Beaufort helps to develop children’s general knowledge: continents, capital cities, flags and so on. Children are encouraged to research facts and information which interest them and are given opportunities to follow their own lines of enquiry, reporting back to others. ICT is used as an integral part of this process and children are taught, through their years with us, to use a variety of resources, including the internet, photographs, maps and first hand experiences, including visits, fieldwork and surveys.