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SCHOOL IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2 WEEKS FOR HALF TERM. Activities for w/c 5th June-Monday-Year 4 to Sayers Croft. Year 2 to British Wildlife Centre. Year 3 Walking Training. Tuesday-Year 3 Walking Training. Friday-FoB non uniform day for sweets or chocolates.

Design Technology

Beaufort pupils will learn to look at the world analytically. They will assess what already exists to improve our quality of life, specifically looking at efficiency and to what extent our needs are met. They will identify areas of need with an innovative and creative approach, designing and making their own products based on developed criteria.

Much of our curriculum is based on life skills, empowering our pupils with the knowledge to be self sufficient and competent contributors to society. Our focus is on design, textiles, mechanisms, structures and food technology.

Children will be challenged by enthusiastic staff who will take their pupils on a journey of discovery, while assessing progress and directing them to new areas of learning.