Kirkland Avenue, Woking, Surrey, GU21 3RG.

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Activities w/c Monday 15th July. Monday-Friday Year 6 Residential. Monday - Nursery Celebration at 10am


At Beaufort we provide children with a broad and balanced range of art activities; these activities will be interlinked with a wide range of curriculum areas. Children will also build their knowledge of art through different times, cultures and traditions through the art they explore and undertake.

Children will be able to build their skills in a wide range of art contexts through specific skills teaching. This skills teaching will enable children to understand and use technical vocabulary relating to the arts. Art resources are of a high quality reflecting the high quality of work expected.

Children will be encouraged to develop a love of art through their experiences at Beaufort; they will be able to comment on their own art as well as that of their peers and artists. The art curriculum will be relevant to Beaufort children, reflecting both the work of local artists and cultures and the particular interests of those within the class.

At Beaufort, we value the use of outdoor learning experiences to provide relevance and depth to our curriculum. Learning outdoors can be enjoyable, creative and adventurous. Art provides opportunities for children to explore patterns in nature, use natural materials to create their own sculptures and Land Art, as well as gaining an appreciation of the natural environment.