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Activities w/c Monday 20th May-Monday-World Bee Day. Year 5 swimming all week. Thursday-Year 2 Medieval Day. Reception Art Exhibition. Friday-FoB Preloved Uniform Sale. School to finish at usual times for 2 weeks half term break. Back to school on Monday 10th June.

Behaviour Management

At Beaufort Primary School, we are committed to establishing a calm learning environment that promotes positive behaviour and relationships where all adults and children treat each other with kindness and respect. Pupils know that they can talk to any member of staff and be dealt with sensitively and fairly. Good behaviour makes our school a safe and pleasant place to be and allows effective learning to take place, while our consistent approach and high expectations ensure that poor behaviour is not allowed to interrupt the flow of learning. In September 2021, Ofsted found that, “ Pupils
behave well in the classroom so that lessons proceed smoothly”.

Good behaviour is recognised, praised and rewarded at Beaufort in a number of ways, including through teampoints, our Headteacher’s honour book, certificates, postcards home, recognition on class award boards and ‘golden time’ (choosing time).

Our approach to behaviour management is based on our values. We only have one rule at Beaufort:

Treat others as you yourself would wish to be treated.

To achieve this, we ask children to consider our values. Are they being respectful? Showing responsibility? Being courteous and compassionate?

When things do go wrong, a clear distinction is made between the child and their behaviour, so as to maintain a positive self image for all. We use restorative approaches, which offer a powerful approach to promoting harmonious relationships in our school and can lead to the successful resolution of conflict. Restorative approaches focus on making, maintaining and repairing relationships, while fostering a sense of social responsibility and shared accountability. This approach complements our ‘rights respecting’ ethos and helps to develop relationship skills, emotional literacy, health and wellbeing, distributed leadership opportunities, participatory and collaborative teaching and peer support. The approach involves including the wrongdoer in finding a solution to the problem and recognises that all sides need:


  • a chance to tell their side of the story – their experience;
  • an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings;
  • a better understanding of how the situation happened;
  • an understanding of how it can be avoided another time;
  • a feeling that they are understood by the others involved;
  • an acknowledgement of the harm caused;
  • a way to move on and restore relationships.


We recognise that learning to behave properly is part of children’s personal, social, and emotional education and development and we take time to teach these things, including through our PSHCE lessons. Our aim is to support our children as they learn to accept responsibility for their actions and become increasingly self disciplined.

We expect all stakeholders to recognise their responsibility to achieve this and together, we create an environment based on mutual respect, fairness and justice, where everyone treats others as they would wish to be treated. We believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in helping their children to behave well in school, sharing our values and responsibility for their children’s behaviour. We involve parents in the very early stages of any behaviour issues and keep them fully informed. We expect our parents to work with us to improve behaviour when necessary and to positively encourage their children to mend damaged relationships in school.

Ofsted judged that, “Pupils say that occasional incidents of bullying are addressed properly. The school’s comprehensive records confirm this positive view”. Where bullying behaviours occur, the School’s Anti-bullying Policy will be implemented. Records are kept and Governors informed. We are proud to be continuing on our way to becoming a ‘Rights Respecting school.’