Kirkland Avenue, Woking, Surrey, GU21 3RG.

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SCHOOL IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2 WEEKS FOR HALF TERM. Activities for w/c 5th June-Monday-Year 4 to Sayers Croft. Year 2 to British Wildlife Centre. Year 3 Walking Training. Tuesday-Year 3 Walking Training. Friday-FoB non uniform day for sweets or chocolates.


Our assemblies currently follow the following format:


The whole school meets together for a VALUES based assembly. Each term, we will focus on one of the school values chosen by our stakeholders. These are Honesty, Respect, Creativity, Community, Responsibility, Courtesy, Integrity, Compassion, Charity and Kindness.


On Tuesdays, the Key Stage classes come together for a teacher led assembly based around a book; this is another way we celebrate reading for pleasure and learning through stories. 

We also celebrate children’s achievements through giving out certificates. These could be a Honour Book certificate, Reading or Maths certificate.


On Wednesdays we invite visitors to take our assembly. At the moment, we have the team from St Andrews Church leading their “Open the Book” assemblies. These take a look at stories from the Bible and include songs and worship for those who wish to participate.


On Thursdays we meet in our Key Stages and our assemblies are led by a variety of the staff. These might also be values based, but are more age specific. We might also cover topics suggested by Unicef.   (We sometimes alternate these assemblies with Tuesday.)


On Fridays, our classes take turns to share with us what they have been thinking or learning about in a class led assembly. Parents are invited to join us for these assemblies, which take place from 9.00am.